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Education Management

The education management services encompass a broad range of efficient and effective techniques in assisting education providers manage their network in the region. We will develop short and long term strategies to brand, reposition and enhance your education profile in an ASEAN market. As your strategic partner, we will keep our eyes and ears peeled to opportunities, market intelligence and resources that will place you in the forefront in a highly competitive industry. It will give you greater control of your marketing, direct contact and improved credibility with your local partners.

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Business Growth Strategies

Our infamous tender loving care strategies are essential if you have existing educational links in an Asian market. It is where we apply structural strategies to harness and streamline existing education linkages, build a growth pipeline and develop new sustainable linkages. The result is a rich network of transnational education ventures and alliances that would increase student numbers, staff and academic exchanges and research activities.

3Q takes it one step further by bridging the gap with employers. The education – employer relation is crucial to ensure employability of graduates and strong internship and mobility programs. We will build your brand with our vast employer network, sharing their needs and matching your capabilities – creating a win-win partnership between you and the employer.

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International Market Entry

The emergence of international trade agreements within ASEAN has opened new education markets. Asian countries are regulated, bound by language and culture differences and business sensitivities. It is who you know that sets you apart. We have nurtured relationships with key stakeholders in the education industry, managed barriers and successfully developed numerous market entry strategies for a balanced business and academic collaboration.

International collaboration while profitable, is risky in nature, and can make or break an institution’s reputation. This is where 3Q provides the assurance of having the competencies and skills needed when tapping into international markets. We will guarantee to carefully conduct a market research, measure all factors and develop appropriate market entry strategies that commensurate risk and achieve compatible goals.

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Market Research & Insights

Market research & insights is one of the key factors used in maintaining competitiveness over competitors and staying ahead of the game. It provides crucial information to identify and analyse the market trend, size and competition and at 3Q, we utilise techniques and methodologies that is tailor-made to each client to achieve optimum results to support effective market entry, sustainability and growth in the market.

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Brand Communications & Events

A brand is made up of far more than a name and logo. A brand is the holistic perception and recognition of an entity that makes it stand out from its competitors. The integration of brand, marketing and communications brings together all content transmitted via all communication channels to deliver a unified message to the market. Integrated brand/marketing communications build the relationships that build brands. To get your organisation’s message across, it is crucial to deliver the same message with every piece of communication. Regardless of the choice of platforms, the importance of an integrated brand/marketing communications to the development of your brand’s value should never be underestimated. We integrate all elements to provide the highest brand value for clients.

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Training & Development

With increasing competition, rise in customer’s expectation of quality and service, and the need for organisations to constantly equip their people with the right knowledge, skills and attributes, training and development is vital part of the human resource development. At 3Q, all our training programs are designed and delivered by our panel of trainers who are masters in their respective fields. Programs can also be customised based on the need of the clients. We make it possible for you to learn from the best at a comprehensive and cost effective way.

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  • Market Research & Insights
  • Brand Communications, Events and Training
  • International Market Entry
  • Market Research & Insights
  • Brand Communications & Events
  • Training & Development