3Quantum was founded by two people who are passionate in advancing the education industry in Malaysia and beyond. Established in 2012, the duo has a dynamic partnership and have earned a well renowned reputation in the education realm.

3Quantum is a boutique education business development and marketing specialist based in Malaysia with an Asian context. With decades of education experience, our passion in the education industry focuses in the area of education management, business growth strategies and international market entry within Malaysia and around the region.

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We believe that we can help you with your education endeavours.

Education Management

We will develop short and long term strategies to brand, reposition and enhance your education profile in an ASEAN market.

Business Growth Strategies

We apply structural strategies to harness and streamline existing education linkages, build a growth pipeline and develop new sustainable linkages.

International Market Entry

We have nurtured relationships with key stakeholders in the education industry, managed barriers and successfully developed numerous market entry strategies for a balanced business and academic collaboration.

Market Research & Insight

Brand Communications, Events and Training

Talent Acquisition and Alumni Management

News & Updates